Tuffline Display

Tuffline freestand is a unique and elegant display unit that turns unused space into the perfect visual vehicle for your product or service.


Tuffline comprises a stylish, borderless, glassless framing solution with a unique graphic magnetic adhesion system.
Your in-store graphics can now be changed in minutes.

Graphics installation can be performed by store staff saving on installation.

Protected edges

Graphics are shipped and stored in tubes for easy re-use and reduced shipping costs.

Environment friendly, less landfill and reduces the use of PVC and foamboards.


Click here to download this information as a pdf.

Contact info

To find out more about our display systems and graphics, please contact:

Andy Cameron 0800 22 88 44 or 04 802 4188

Don Sharpe 0800 22 88 44 or 027 240 3162


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