Stand Ups

Stand Ups

These unique fittings have got to be the slickest way to free-stand your rigid graphics.

Constructed out of silver powder-coated steel and in 3x sizes with gaps to take:

  • 5mm substrates
  • 10mm substrates
  • or the Jumbo adjustable gap for even thicker substrates


Super Stand Ups

Super Stand upsSimple and versatile!

Adjustable to support boards up to 28mm thick
2x sizes:100mm wide and 500mm wide


Click here to download this information as a pdf.

Contact info

To find out more about our display systems and graphics, please contact:

Andy Cameron 0800 22 88 44 or 04 802 4188

Don Sharpe 0800 22 88 44 or 027 240 3162


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