Print to Anything Solutions

Our UV flat bed inkjet printer can print on both rigid substrates and roll media.

For more information about what we can print to download our pdf guide to printable materials and substrates.

Print Direct to Ply - Wood grain together with its unique and individual character show through giving your graphics a rustic and organic feel.


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Rho 600 UV inkjetThe perfect solution for printing high resolution images directly onto rigid substrates without the need for mounting or laminating. Large or smaller format, the Rho presents massive opportunities for both indoor and outdoor graphic applications.

Designed to print everything onto almost anything, the Rho extends visual communication boundaries and concepts for exhibitors, designers, artists, sign makers and retail shop fitters.

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Corru ArtCorru Art by Imagelab

Get a completely unique print for that spot above the mantle piece!

Turn your very own photo into a distinctive decor statement. 

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Print direct to acrylic

Printing to the reverse of acrylic or glass creates a contemporary and classy finish.

You can elect to over-print with white ink, or leave your graphic floating on clear depending on the effect you want to achieve.


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Corrogated iron print

Corrugated iron presents an absolutely unique visual effect for images, graphics and signage.


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Printed floor graphics

Imagelab’s Durst Rho presents opportunities to enhance and decorate any environment or setting with high impact graphics.

We can print direct to doors suitable for offices, showrooms, sports clubs or kid’s rooms. We can create floor graphics for trade shows or showrooms. And we can print decor images and promotional graphics to hang on your walls - or cover them entirely.


Read more: Doors, Floors and Walls

Rigid Substrate printing

We can print onto a variety of common and not so common materials. Below is a list of the more common ones. If you want to print on something not on the list just contact us. We can probably do it!


Read more: Other rigid substrates

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