Mounting and laminatingImagelab offers a complete range of mounting and laminating services

At Imagelab, we understand that creating the printed image is only half the job. That’s why we have a complete department dedicated to providing you with all of those finishing options.

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Laminating Options

We have a range of protective and application specific laminate products. From robust, heavy duty films that will provide extra protection -  to thin “egg-shell” finishes that can hardly be seen. At Imagelab you’ll find a protective laminate that will suit your requirements.


Mounting - Products and substrates

We can mount your images to your choice of substrate – and we’ll advise the best material for the job. From budget considerations to environmental factors, we’ll be able to help.  As well as these popular products shown below, we can mount your images to almost any flat substrate that you can think of



A lightweight, soft core, white mount substrate available in 5mm and 10mm with a 5mm black option. Not recommended for graphics that will travel or receive significant handling. 

Paylite Foam PVC:   

A robust white PVC substrate in thicknesses 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm. Over-sized sheets are available in 4mm and black paylite is available in 3mm. An excellent interior mount board.     


“Aluminium Composite Material” is a very robust product with a contemporary look.
4mm ACM is available in a number of finishes including white, black, silver and a range of colours. White ACM is available in over-sized sheets. Brushed silver and gold are available as 3mm.


Ideal for block-mounts with black painted edges. Available in thicknesses 4.5mm, 9mm, 12mm 18mm.


Available as clear or opal in a range of thicknesses from 2mm through to 20mm plus.


A clear polycarbonate substrate available in a range of thicknesses. The 1mm option is often used as a mount substrate as it is thin, lightweight, covers imperfections in walls,  and can be easily fixed back with VHB tape – and it will curve well.

Xanita Board:

This is a sustainable (92% recycled paper), lightweight, stable and strong board with excellent crush strength. Available in 10mm, 16mm.  Leave the raw honeycomb edges exposed and show your “greenness” – or wrap the image around the edges. Xanita is classified as fully re-pulpable.


Fixing and Finishing Options

We can help advise the best method for hanging or presenting your images, or fixing them back to the wall. It might be with:

  • Split battens: opposing 45 degree beveled battens that are fixed to the back of the mount and to the wall. Sit one on top of the other and your image is secure, sitting slightly proud of the wall and easily interchanged. The “gallery” look!

  • Aluminium flush-to-wall buttons or Stand-off buttons for the contemporary look

  • Velcro or VHB adhesive tape – or even just old fashioned twine or nylon.

  • Struts on the back of your prints, or wall fasteners.

  • Loops and rods fitted top and bottom to hang vertical images

  • Eyelets in the corners of laminated prints



For this distinctive and professional look, we wrap your image around the outside of the mount substrate. You can choose whether you include your image as bleed for the wrap, or choose to use white or any other colour.

Wrap Mount 
DEEP MOUNTS: A really classy look

For a really classy look, try our Deep Mounts. Out of MDF we make a hollow box section approx 60mm deep. Generally black, these can be powder coated to the colour of your choice. The image is then mounted flush on top and the unit is fixed to the wall with split battens.

Deep mount
ACRYLIC COVER SHEETS: A sleek way to go

Another sleek and contemporary finish. We mount you image to ACM or MDF and then fit a sheet of clear acrylic over the top. The acrylic is fixed with aluminium flush-to-wall buttons or stand off buttons depending on the finish you require. Fix directly to the wall or with split battens.

Acrylic face mounted photo

Cut out life size images to shape and then apply struts them to make them freestanding

 Cut out
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