Esi Pos


Change out your images faster and easier than ever before.


Constructed out of light weight 20mm foam board and edged with aluminium for a clean and modern look. Images are simply and directly fixed to the esiPOS frame by the attraction of magnetic to steel tape. Each esiPOS frame comes complete with steel tape around the perimeter. Prints are supplied with mag tape and the job is done! We can supply esiPOS in any size right up to 1200x2400mm. Because it is so light, fixing is easy and always hidden by the image. To make things easier, Imagelab keeps a database of esiPOS sites, so we always know the size of your images when it comes time to re-order.


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Contact info

To find out more about our display systems and graphics, please contact:

Andy Cameron 0800 22 88 44 or 04 802 4188

Don Sharpe 0800 22 88 44 or 027 240 3162


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