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The Utimate Display Solution

Imagelab Pop-Up displays are the best way to create a simple to install, portable backdrop for trade displays, point of sale or media events. They provide a fast and cost effective way to deliver your display objectives, allowing you to pop-up, present and pack away - quickly and easily You can compliment your Imagelab Pop-Up system with accessories such as spotlights, show cases, shelves and brochure holders. Even the carry case can be converted into a table.The imagelab Pop-Up is the building block to a simple, affordable display system that will suit all your exhibition requirements. Simply add or take away modules depending on your space. If you need a larger display, several Pop-Ups can be joined together to create "Portable archictecture".



Take an existing Imagelab Pop-Up and bit by bit add more components to expand your display vertically and horizontally, by adding towers, bridges and showcases. Create a re-configurable system that can be used time and time again in different environments and at different sizes. We call this portable architecture - the building blocks to your exhibition success.


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