Digital Photo Printing

Digital photo prints for the professional or discerning amateur.

Get the very best from your digital camera, digital files, negatives or transparencies.

Little brother to Imagelab’s Lambda Digital Master Prints, Digi-Prints are batch scanned and machine printed to produce consistently excellent results.

Digi-Prints sizes and Quality

Sizes available range from 10x15cm (6x4”) through to 28x35cm (14x11”).

Let us know if you want gloss or matt prints – and if you want borders.

For larger images, critical colour matching, heavy cropping, “burning” or “dodging” – refer to Lambda Digital Master prints.


Digi-Print file set up and specs

Make sure that your files are set up correctly. They should be RGB JPEGs or TIFFs and should be set to the correct output dimensions. For file size guidelines and Digi-Print file set up specs, check out Digi-Print set up

For more on file specs please have a look at our File Specs page.
If you wish, you can embed your preferred colour space profile. Imagelab’s default colour space for Digi-Prints is sRGB, check out Colour Management.

Order online: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or enquire about sending large files via FTP


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