The correct use of colour management will ensure consistent and accurate colour for all your photographic prints and digital output. ICC profiles are applied to all devices in Imagelab’s digital network. Monitors and profiles are checked and updated on a regular basis.

Imagelab uses Adobe 98 RGB as our default working space and sRGB for Digi-Prints (Digital Photo Prints).
This ensures accurate skin and neutral tones as well as graduated colours. Both Adobe 98 RGB and sRGB will provide excellent print output from digital cameras and film origination.

Adobe 98 RGB and sRGB are the most commonly used colour spaces. All you have to do is make sure that you embed the profile. This will enable true colour consistency from your files to your choice of print or digital media.

: Whatever colour space you choose to use, make sure that you embed the profile.

Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or assistance on colour management for your photographic prints and digital output.

Raw to Ready File Processing

Imagelab’s Raw to Ready File Processing service ensures that you deliver your files professionally and on time. Your clients will be happy and so will you!

Imagelab has been working with photographers, design companies and advertising agencies for over 30 years now. Our digital technicians are industry experienced and we understand the detail and demands of professional file processing.

Now, you can efficiently and economically have your Raw files converted to high res TIFFs, to DNG format or downsized as JPEG’s. Choose from a range of options that include profiling, re-naming, the inclusion of copyright or metadata as well as applying sharpening and contrast – with white balance and / or exposure corrections as extra options.
Imagelab’s Raw to Ready service allows you to deliver the quality, speed and reliability that your client’s demand – and without the hassle.

Pricing Schedule

Batch Processing can include any of the following options:

  • Conversion to TIFF’s
  • Conversion to JPEG’s         
  • Conversion to DNG             
  • Profiling                           
  • Naming                             
  • Re-sizing                           
  • Copyright
  • Metadata                            
  • Sharpening
Batch pricing excl GST:

Min price - $50.00

1Gb to 8Gb - $75.00 per Gb

8Gb to 16Gb - $60.00 per Gb

16Gb plus - $50.00 per Gb

NB: Pricing includes DVD’s. Other storage by quotation


 Additional Individual Image Processing including:

  • Basic white balance correction
  • Basic contrast adjustment
  • Basic exposure correction
  • CMYK conversion  

Individual Pricing excl GST:
Min Price - $1.00 per image

(Complex corrections, retouch by quotation)



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